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Miracles In Kenya

Field Report by Operation Blessing

KENYA – One, two, three… Khoboso counted. Yes, all six of her sweet little ones were there, snuggled up close to each other in sleep. She was thankful. At least they were safe and together. But dread quickly overcame her brief moment of comfort. They still had nothing to eat.

The drought had swept through their region like a pack of hungry wolves, devouring the herd of camels her family depended upon for survival—along with the flocks and herds of her entire pastoral community. If it wasn’t for compassionate friends like you, their story would have had a terrible end.

“All the livestock we had have been wiped out by the drought. Five sickly camels are all we have left. Before this drought,” Khoboso said, “whenever we needed food, we would take a few animals and sell them, then we would buy food for our families and children.” Khoboso went on, “We move among our neighbors and relatives begging. If we get lucky, we get a little something. If not, then we all sleep hungry.”

Days And Days Of Having Nothing To Eat

When Operation Blessing met Khoboso, she was near the end of her rope. Days and days of being faced with the prospect of having nothing to eat had taken a toll. “My husband and I keep asking ourselves, ‘How will our children survive in this drought?’ Even if we get lucky from begging, whatever we get is still too little even for the children. It’s just something to trick our stomachs. It’s never a proper meal.”

But happily, because of your amazing kindness, their situation would soon change. When we learned about Khoboso’s village, we made a commitment to be the difference for the suffering souls who call it home.

Operation Blessing Provides Hunger Relief

One day, Khoboso saw a group of people approaching in the distance. She’d heard of them before. Hope was on the horizon! As Operation Blessing volunteers entered the village and started handing out bags of rice, beans, maize, and containers of cooking oil—solid staples to sustain a family— Khoboso’s heart soared. You had come to her rescue!

food for hungry kenyans

She hurried home with her bounty in hand, eager to share the good news with her children. As she heated the oil and the smell of cooked food began to waft throughout their hut, she was overcome with emotion. They almost hadn’t made it. But compassionate strangers like you answered her prayers. When the kids woke up from their naps, they couldn’t believe their eyes. It was a moment they’ll never forget—a moment made possible by you.

“Thanks to you, today I am not worried about where we will get food! We have enough for us and our children.” Khoboso shared the gratitude filling the hearts of many in the village. “The joy that we have today is because God answered our prayers and sent you to bring us food. We are really grateful!”

starving in kenya

Partner With Operation Blessing As We Help Communities In Kenya

Every day, the love of Operation Blessing supporters makes its way through communities across Kenya.

Together, we fight the effect of natural disasters like the drought that stole Khoboso’s way of life. Through initiatives like sack gardens in desert environments, we help families sustain themselves for the long term. By offering whatever supplies or assistance they are most lacking, you provide tangible evidence of God’s love that Kenyans will remember for years to come.

When you stand with us, you also make sure families have clean water access near their homes so they can drink and cook without getting sick. And you empower families to provide for themselves through microenterprise projects like goat-rearing and beekeeping.

You are giving people a way to break the cycle of poverty in Kenya. Thank you!

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