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New Business Means Hope For Costa Rican Mother

Field Report by Operation Blessing

COSTA RICA — Single mother Kimberley lives in Costa Rica. As a child of poverty herself, Kimberley did everything she could to not let her three kids fall into the same fate. “She told us that she would want to be a baker, but she hadn’t the tools she needed” said Kimberley’s daughter. If only she had the tools or capital for a new business in Costa Rica, things might be different. 

However, Kimberley’s dreams shattered when she got laid off from her job at a hotel. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Costa Rica, a country reliant on its tourism industry, suffered massive layoffs across its numerous hotels and resorts. Like Kimberley, many workers suddenly found themselves jobless.

“Come to get your termination letter and the final paycheck, and I will let you know if they allow us to open again. We will have work for you again.” These words spoken by her employer rang in Kimberley’s ears as she walked home to face her new reality.

How would she feed her children? How would she pay the bills? “It reminded me of my childhood, and it is very hard,” said Kimberley. “Very hard to face the same situation but now from another perspective.” But thanks to your astounding generosity, hope was on its way. Your love provided Kimberley with the goods she needed to get back on her feet.  

A New Business for Kimberley

Thanks to you, Kimberley and her children received bags full of food to restock their pantry. But even more help arrived that day–you also gave Kimberley the opportunity to start a new business in Costa Rica. You provided the supplies she needed to finally follow her dream of becoming a baker!

Joy overwhelmed Kimberley at the sight of your gifts. “Thank you for making it possible to have food on our table every day. And thank you for letting me feel proud of myself again.” Kimberley said.

Thanks to your love, families like Kimberley’s receive priceless gifts like this all over the world. 

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