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Ready to Respond to Hurricane Laura in Louisiana

Field Report by Operation Blessing

NATCHITOCHES, LA – Hurricane Laura has passed and Operation Blessing is on the ground in Louisiana. Our U.S. Disaster Relief team arrived in Natchitoches, LA, early in the morning on Thursday, August 27. Our team hunkered down as the storm passed over them, knocking out power in the area. We are coordinating with several local churches in anticipation of moving further south in the coming days. Equipped with our disaster response trailers and trucks full of supplies, Operation Blessing’s Disaster Relief team is ready to help disaster victims.

Assessing The Damage

Thank you for your prayers as we continue to assess the damage left by Hurricane Laura. To show your support for hurricane victims, please click here. Because of your generosity, we are able to respond to crises like Hurricane Laura whenever they arise.

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4 replies on “Ready to Respond to Hurricane Laura in Louisiana”

  • Operation Blessing says:

    We have been actively at work in Lake Charles delivering water, food, and other supplies for several days. I believe you looked at an older post from last week. We are coordinating full scale disaster recovery efforts as well. I assume other groups and FEMA are there too, but it is certainly a serious situation and it can take time to reach everyone. Please keep these people in your prayers.

  • Operation Blessing says:

    It looks like right now we’re in Lake Charles. You can call or email for more assistance at

  • Celine Ernst says:

    I saw the interview with a Lake Charles shop owner who was pleading for help for her community. She said there is no water, people are living in roofless moldy houses because they have no money to leave; and she said help is being turned away! Can you tell me if OB is now active, and are there other relief groups there? Where is FEMA?

  • Lorraine Pepper says:

    I am trying to help evacuee from Laura. Are you in Lafayette, LA?

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