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Safe Spaces for Displaced Israeli Families

Field Report by Operation Blessing

ISRAEL – Last October, the world watched in horror what is being called the deadliest and most brutal attack on the Jewish people since the Holocaust.

Lina and her family experienced it firsthand. “I lived in Ashkelon for 30 years, and I was used to missile attacks. During any normal day, a siren sounds and we’d have to hide. But this time it was like a horror movie. So many children, so many people, were killed for nothing. Ashkelon is like a war zone now. There is a smell of burning everywhere. The smell of war.”

displaced Israeli families

Like so many others, Lina and her children grabbed only a few items and fled. They escaped to the city of Eilat at the southern tip of Israel—far from the fighting. There, you offered them comfort, support, and a safe place to stay.

In partnership with our sister organization, CBN Israel, and compassionate friends like you, Operation Blessing provided them with a room in one of the hotels we had secured for displaced Israeli families. These safe spaces gave them a place to heal, to be with others in the same situation, and to rest and regroup for the future.

victims of Israel war

Offering Hope to Displaced Israeli Families

You supplied these families with the things they needed to get through this difficult time, like hot meals, transportation, trauma counseling, and educational supplies for the children.

“We fled from our houses with practically nothing, and we are left without work or income,” Lina said. “What you do is a blessing, honestly. You gave me a complete hygiene kit—toothbrush and deodorant and everything we need.”

“You also gave me some money to buy whatever I needed. So tomorrow I’m going to buy some clothes and toys for my children. I couldn’t bring any toys at all. I did not even think of that.”

Her young son actually jumped on the hotel bed in joy, so grateful to have escaped the terror and to have a place to stay. Lina said, “It’s helping us very much. My children are happy to be here. They can play, and for a moment they forget everything that’s happened.”

Thank you so much for reaching out to displaced Israeli families with a heart of love and generosity! We pray for peace in Israel and that God will comfort and protect innocent people throughout this region.

safe spaces for Israel war victims after attacks in Gaza

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