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Don’t Give Up. You’re Saving Ukrainian Lives!

Field Report by Operation Blessing

POLAND – Operation Blessing met Ukrainian mother of two, Oksana, who had fled to Poland from the violence in her home country. Operation Blessing has continually provided aid to support Ukrainian mothers.

“Russian planes and helicopters and rockets flew over our home. It was very scary. The house shook, and a shell exploded on a street nearby,” she said.

Panic-stricken and unsure of what awaited them, Oksana and her daughter fled to Poland to save their lives. Her husband stayed behind to fight for Ukraine.

Oksana remembered, “We packed what we could because you can’t put your whole life in a car, and we left. We were afraid because deadly missiles were flying all around.”

When Oksana arrived in Warsaw, she connected with a local church that partners with Operation Blessing.

You Support Ukrainian Mothers

Oksana shared, “Organizations like this are needed, because you help moms like me, and our children survive here while our husbands defend our country.” She continued, “If we didn’t have your help, we would be alone.”

At an event hosted by Operation Blessing, families each received a box of food to help with their daily needs. Operation Blessing also ministered to children through fun activities.

“Sometimes we think, ‘how can we be happy or celebrate?’ But our children’s lives go on,” she said. “So, thanks to you and activities like these, you’re creating a fun childhood for our kids in the midst of chaos.”

As the war rages on, Ukrainian refugee families are still in need of daily necessities. Thanks to the continued help of our partners, families like Oksana’s have what they need to face whatever comes next.

Oksana expressed, “Please don’t give up helping, because it’s literally saving our lives. Thank you for helping us.” Your compassion is making the difference in this war as we serve as the hands and feet of Jesus in Ukraine and neighboring Poland.

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