“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime” (Proverb). In many impoverished countries, poor diets and insufficient protein can cause a variety of health and learning problems and is a major factor in perpetuating poverty. Haiti, in particular, is struggling due to lakes that have been depleted by generations of fishermen, so Operation Blessing’s Fish Farm and Hatchery was created. This aquaculture project provides a source of nutritious food, educates Haitians about fish farming, generates jobs and develops new industries such as ornamental fish.


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Why fish farms?

The nation of Haiti needs jobs to strengthen the economy and sustainable solutions to increase food security. One way OBI is responding to that need is through the farming of tilapia—at OBI’s Fish Farm & Hatchery protein-rich tilapia are being raised to help feed children at orphanages, schools and hospitals, while also teaching local fishermen the skills they need to get started.

What is fish ranching?

Fish ranching involved released baby tilapia in open works in open lakes and reservoirs. Fish that cost a dime grow into fish worth $5 or more in less than a year. OBI is pioneering fish ranching in Haiti working with the Haitian Department of Agriculture to populate barren public waters all over Haiti with tilapia.

How are ornamental fish helping Haitians?

At OBI’s fish farm, Haitians are being trained to breed and care for ornamental tropical fish to help stimulate this local industry. The fish are also part of a school education project, where schools are given aquariums to help teachers instruct students in biology, environmental science and conservation.


From re-population of over-fished lakes to our ornamental fish hatchery, Operation Blessing’s aquaculture program helps the hurting in Haiti by:

  • Fish Farm & Hatchery

    Creating jobs through Operation Blessing’s Fish Farm & Hatchery. Hard-working Haitians are able to learn new skills and support their families while learning aquaculture practices with Operation Blessing.

  • Rebuilding lakes and reservoirs

    Working with the Haitian Department of Agriculture and others to rebuild lakes and reservoirs left empty of tilapia after years of fishing. This not only adds to the fish population, but also creates income for local fishermen, allowing them to feed and care for their families.

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