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No Longer On A Dangerous Path

Field Report by Operation Blessing

MEXICO – Nine-year-old Brenda once became so sick, she couldn’t even walk. When her mother took her to a clinic to get help, the doctor told them the cause was the dirty water they’d been drinking. Brenda needed someone like you to come along and make a difference in her life.

“It’s hard to be told that’s what’s harming her—and that’s what I’ll continue giving her,” said her mother, Maria. “For me, it was very difficult to have my kids drink that water, but we didn’t have any other.”

Mexico unsafe water

When she was a child herself, Maria had to walk down a dangerous path every day to fetch dirty water in Mexico from a nearby river. Then she watched as her own children, including Brenda, had to do the same thing. As a widowed mother with few resources, Maria had no other choice.

The dirty water in Mexico made Brenda and her siblings sick. They missed school, and sometimes even got hurt along the path. But they had no other access to water, and neither did the other 13 families that lived in the remote community of San José el Paraíso, Mexico.

unsafe water in mexico

“It had many insects, and it was very dirty because the cows stepped in it,” said Brenda’s 11-year-old sister Elena of their water source. “I had to drink it fast.”

The family and surrounding village were in dire need of help. Brenda and her siblings prayed for a miracle. “We asked God for blessings from the heavens,” said Maria. “We have no resources.”

Now Her Children Do Not Have To Drink Dirty Water In Mexico

And God answered their prayers through generous friends like you. Your love helped provide 13 complete rainwater harvesting systems—one for each family in San José el Paraíso. They also received training and technical support.

Families and children like Brenda in the community no longer have to walk down the dangerous road to collect dirty water in Mexico that can make them sick. They can now drink safe, clean water right at home. Brenda and her family have a new life—thanks to the compassion and care of faithful Operation Blessing supporters.

“I’m happy because now all my family has clean water,” said Elena. “We don’t get sick anymore.” And we have more blessings on the horizon for them, like toilets and showers!

Maria can see a better future for her children now. “Our lives have changed and a lot! Thanks to you, thank you.”

rainwater harvesting system

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