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Fighting the COVID-19 Crisis In Myanmar

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Ko and Thida are hardworking parents living in Myanmar during COVID-19. When COVID-19 hit their country, the government ordered a shelter-in-place mandate, severely impacting their lives. Ko worked at a dam on a river near their home. The family would also chop and sell firewood to subsidize their income. But with the coronavirus spreading through Myanmar, Ko lost his job and people stopped showing up to buy wood.

Food Scarcity In Myanmar During COVID-19

Food scarcity in Myanmar during COVID-19 began to impact people like Ko and Thida. They grew desperate. They began to ration out their soap supply just to get by. In the midst of a pandemic when cleanliness is most important, washing their hands became a rare luxury.

But thanks to you, hope was just around the corner! Operation Blessing teams traveled directly to Ko and Thida’s home, delivering a package full of beans, rice, oil, shampoo, and soap. Their children can now wash their hands often, while Thida prepares meals to satisfy her family. Thank you for your heart to see families cared for in these trying times.

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