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Making a Home with Help from New Friends During Hard Times

Field Report by Operation Blessing

VIRGINIA – Hard times can prove challenging for any family, even more so for those who have recently relocated far away from their family and friends. That’s what Nicole and her husband, Oscar, discovered when they moved recently to Norfolk, Virginia. Since the move, finances have been tight for their small family. Oscar takes on whatever construction jobs he can find, and he’s pretty versatile. “I do everything I can,” he said, “from building a house to electrical. Everything.”

Nevertheless, Nicole told us, “It’s hard to make ends meet. After bills are paid, it’s hard to find the funds to get food.”

“It’s hard to make ends meet. After bills are paid, it’s hard to find the funds to get food.”

facing hard times in Virginia

So she was delighted to hear about the food bank at nearby New Hope Christian Community Center, an Operation Blessing partner organization that you help keep supplied. She can’t say enough about what’s available through this outreach. “It’s good quality. There’s always a bunch of fruits and vegetables. There’s good meat, and even little snacks for my daughter. I’m never disappointed when I come in.”

Helping Families During Hard Times

The food you help provide has a profound impact on families facing hard times. Nicole says it’s “incredible” that friends like you are aiding people who need help. “It just makes the quality of life better. It helps us get through day by day.”

overcoming hard times in Norfolk Virginia

Critical partnerships like the one we have with New Hope allow us to deliver aid where and when it’s needed most—and make your thoughtful donations work as hard as possible. We’re told that recent reductions in government programs have led to a drastic increase in New Hope’s food recipients. Military families, single moms or dads, elderly couples, young adults, teenagers living on the street—all are welcome.

Nicole wishes more people knew about this outreach. “It means everything just to be able to provide and feed our children and ourselves. Thank you so much. … You all are doing incredible work!” As a cherished partner, your kindness and compassion are making a world of difference— whether you’re feeding hungry families on the other side of the globe, or right here at home.

Virginia Hunger

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