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“My Home Was Completely Totaled.”

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Nancy Ryan is a single-mother and grandmother living in Lake Charles, La. When Hurricane Laura hit her community, her home was completely destroyed. A few years ago, Nancy had to recover after Hurricane Rita, but Laura left her house unsalvageable. Nancy has been spending her days recovering what she can of her belongings, but finding a place to stay has been a challenge. All nearby hotels are full and her daughter’s home in town was also destroyed. Nancy has resorted to living in her shed in the meantime, but many singles were blown away in the storm. She felt overwhelmed and devastated after her home was destroyed by Hurricane Laura.

Operation Blessing Volunteers Arrived to Help Nancy in Her Time of Need

But thanks to generous partners like YOU, Operation Blessing teams arrived to help Nancy in her desperate hour of need! You made it possible for volunteers to tarp her roof, clear debris, and clean up the tree branches in her yard after her home was destroyed by Hurricane Laura. More than that, your love transcended time and space to offer encouragement to a woman in the midst of trouble. Thank you for your heart to see Nancy supported as she continues to recover from Hurricane Laura.

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