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Hunger Relief Event for Ukraine Refugees

Field Report by Operation Blessing

POLAND – As early as 4:00 a.m., Kseniia and many other crisis victims arrive at Operation Blessing’s hunger relief distribution event in Krakow, Poland. Forced from their homes due to the Russian invasion, they are refugees in a foreign land.

Most are unemployed and lack a long-term plan as they bide their time in Poland. They need real, tangible assistance to get to tomorrow, and thanks to you, Operation Blessing is ready to help.

In Poland, however, helping refugees has become increasingly difficult due to a lack of funding. Thankfully, with the support of Operation Blessing partners, we’re linking arms with Fundacja On Life, Fundacja Nidaros, and DNA Church to distribute hundreds of bags of food to Ukraine crisis victims.

Hunger Relief Distribution Event In Kraków

Each bag of food supplies is enough to sustain a hurting family for at least two weeks. In addition to providing food and supplies, Operation Blessing is encouraging the hearts of crisis victims. Our team prayed for families at the hunger relief distribution event to show God’s love for them and lift their spirits in this difficult time.

Operation Blessing also partnered with Superbook to bless the children staying in different shelters with uplifting events and programs to bring them an extra dose of joy.

Thank you again so much for your priceless support of Ukrainian refugees!

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