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World Water Day


Operation Blessing and World Water Day 2023

The community water system in Yargüera is only the beginning. No resource has shaped mankind like clean, safe water. From whole nations to individual communities like the ones we support in Honduras and Peru, water access shapes life. Lack of access to it has a detrimental impact on just about everything. In fact, it’s estimated that 829,000 people die each year from unsafe drinking water, sanitation, and hand hygiene.

Sadly, struggling communities like Yargüera are not uncommon. Water-related problems proliferate throughout the world. From industrialized nations to tiny villages in South America, water access is one of the most critical issues we face. It is unfortunate that the world water crisis touches so many people across so much of the globe. Thankfully, since 1993, the world has taken a day each year to unite around clean water as one of our greatest common needs. This World Water Day is about accelerating change to solve the water crisis, and we can all be part of the solution.

The Role of Community Water Systems in Latin America

The management, conservation, safety, and accessibility of water is something the world is now contending with as populations grow and resources dwindle. Regardless of the size of the community, the management of water or community water systems is a vital part of maintaining this resource. For years, Operation Blessing has provided clean water solutions to poor communities around the world, such as those in rural Latin America. Community water systems provide a lifeline to pastoral communities like Yargüera. These communities need a way to reliably use water safely for cooking, cleaning, drinking, and sanitation. As such, it involves more than just finding a water source. It requires a system of training and management that helps communities of any size get clean water access for years to come. 

Your Partnership Is Making a Difference in Peru, Mexico, and Honduras

For years, Operation Blessing has fought the epidemic of unsafe water around the world through a powerful toolbox of safe water solutions. When you partner with Operation Blessing on World Water Day 2023, you help us to establish community water systems in different places around the world. Here are some of those stories by location:




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