The Desperate Need for Life-Changing Surgeries

Around the world, thousands of people are struggling with health conditions that are easily treated with proper medical care. That’s why international medical relief is one of Operation Blessing’s core missions. Even though surgeries may only cost a few hundred or, at most, a few thousand dollars, that amount is often far beyond the means of those in developing nations. Unable to afford treatment, many are resigned to lives of needless suffering and, often, shame and social stigma.

What We Have Accomplished Together

Simple operations like cleft palate surgery, cleft lip surgery, clubfoot treatment, cataract surgery, and others have the power to transform lives. Operation Blessing partners with hospitals, surgeons, government agencies, and, most importantly, caring people like you to provide surgical procedures like these to those who need them.

But our world medical relief efforts don’t end there. Thanks to the generosity and support of partners like you, Operation Blessing can provide more than just reconstructive surgeries like cleft lip and palate repair, we can often deliver life-saving surgeries like repairing congenital heart defects in children like Ariel from El Salvador.

Change a Life

Thanks to your generosity, Ariel got the heart surgery she needed!

Cleft Lip Before and After Surgery



Born with a cleft lip in Kenya, Faith faced feeding problems and a severe social stigma. Her parents, Veronica and Lesinko, could barely afford to put food on the table, let alone pay for the surgery that Faith needed. Then Samuel, one of Operation Blessing’s community health workers in Kenya, met Faith and her family. Then, thanks to your support, Operation Blessing provided for Veronica and Lesinko to take Faith to the hospital for surgery. The procedure was a success!


Thanks to your support, Veronica and Lesinko were able to take Faith to the hospital for surgery. The procedure was a success!

Change A Life

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The Gift of Sight
Average Cost: $388

Many children and adults suffer from blinding cataracts. Your support can give the gift of sight.

Cancer Surgery
Average Cost: $772

Women with cancer need a fighting chance. Help provide a mastectomy or hysterectomy to women in need.

Recovery from an Accident
Average Cost: $1,360

Road accidents are one of the leading causes of trauma. Without surgery, parents are unable to provide for their families for 8-12 weeks at a time while broken bones heal.

The Gift of Hearing
Average Cost: $942

Hearing aids are often difficult to come by in the developing world. You can help provide the gift of conversation and music to a person in need.

Safe Deliveries
Average Cost: $492

Only 20% of women in Africa who need a C-section get one. You can help expecting mothers safely deliver their babies.

Recovery from Burns
Average Cost: $1,335

Burn victims experience lasting pain, suffer disfigurement, scars, and loss of mobility due to contracture.

The Gift of Being Able to Walk
Average Cost: $1,293

Corrective procedure for clubfoot or severely bowed legs gives children a second chance.

A Better Future
Average Cost: $1,169

Many children in Africa suffer unnecessarily from solvable medical issues. A surgery will transform their future.

General Surgery
Average Cost: $1,127

A thyroidectomy, hernia surgery, or spinal fusion can radically improve a patient’s life.

The Problems

Children with disabilities are often shunned and ostracized. They’re often unable to run, to talk, to eat without choking, to walk, or go to school.

Parents are crippled under the cost of a surgery. For a farmer earning $1 a day or a single mom working in the market, saving up $800 for surgery is impossible.

56 million people in Africa need surgery today. Lack of treatment can lead to lifelong disability, discomfort, or even death.

Many parents, especially mothers, believe their child’s cleft palate or clubfoot happened because they did something wrong. They live with constant guilt.

Be An Answer to Prayer

As an Operation Blessing partner, you are reaching the world’s sick and hurting with healing, help, and love. Your gift to OB’s Life-Changing Surgeries program can transform the lives of those longing for the surgical procedures they so desperately need. Help us show God’s love and bring healing to those who need it most.