Gillian Chong - LaosGillian Chong serves as Manager of Special Projects for Operation Blessing International Singapore and as Country Representative for OBI Laos. Gillian’s vision is to create economic equality in Laos through rural and human resource development, healthcare programs, and media projects.

Throughout her time at Operation Blessing, Gillian has developed strong relationships with the national Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Lao Embassy in Singapore, underscoring the humanitarian work of OBI in Laos. OBI’s medical and dental clinics travel throughout isolated Laotian villages, offering treatment as well as hygiene and health education. In May 2002, the first mobile clinic treated more than 1,870 patients, while the initial Living Waters program provided 17 wells to remote villages in July 2003.

In addition, Gillian has expanded OBI’s influence to the national media sector, producing children’s programming, which is broadcast across Laos. With technological advancements unfolding as well, Laos received a Worldbank donation of 192 recycled computers in May 2005 for distribution at selected nursing and standard schools.

Gillian earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing management at the Singapore Institute of Management/RMIT (Melbourne). Following a 10-year career in sales and marketing management, Gillian worked in international business development in China and Indonesia.

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